Westbrook Logo Oficial

America Recovers

From Crisis to Clarity

America Recovers takes people from crisis to clarity by intervening in addicts’ lives to help bring about positive change. Hosts Mackenzie Phillips & Brad Lamm talk directly with real callers who are at the crossroads of addiction in their family or themselves, there are honest answers in a positive, practical format. 

Creative Concept

Working at Westbrook Inc, I took the lead to create a podcast cover for the show, developing a vivid concept that could encapsulate the joy and the hopelessness of living the best version of yourself. Design-wise we wanted to make sure the message that is coming across was aspirational, positive, and uplifting, nothing too stale, and balanced humor with a spark of seriousness.

The client was presented with three distinct ideas, and despite my favorite Saul Bass’s concept not being chosen, the selected one still effectively communicates a powerful message.

The artwork displayed in this image was chosen by the client.

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